CM @ Risk - the Preferred Delivery Method

There is a reason 100 of ENR's Top 400 General Contractors use CMAR as the project delivery method for over 75% of their work. Leverage CMAR as part of your growth strategy.

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2.5 Hours 9:00 AM PST

Understand what truly matters to Project Owners and Architects to create a competitive advantage and clear market strategy. Learn to leverage advanced precon services and the CMAR delivery method for profitable growth in this 2.5-hour online training.
Learning Objectives

  • How to develop a market strategy incorporating industry trends, economic conditions, and project delivery methods.
  • How to use a 3-phase strategy for competing against larger competitors. 
  • How to prepare for the interview and win the project.
  • How to give the Project Owner what they really need during preconstruction.
  • How to structure preconstruction proposals and contracts that lead to construction contracts. 
Who Should Attend

  • General Contractors in the $50-300M range or branch offices of large GCs
  • Owners and Executives
  • Business Developers
  • Preconstruction Managers
  • Estimators (Conceptual & Hard-Bid)
  • Project Managers and Project Executives
  • Anyone Else Who Participates in Project Interviews and Delivering Preconstruction Services
CM at Risk Workshop: The Preferred Delivery Method.

Nothing will have a more dramatic impact on a contractor than bringing in more quality revenue on a recurring basis negotiated with a select group of growing customers.  

Your market strategy must incorporate industry trends, economic conditions, your competitive landscape, and project delivery methods.

David Brown facilitates a discussion between Raymond Braswell and Ed Prendergast who bring a combined 80+ years of experience on the front-lines of growing general contracting businesses.  Both have built their careers, companies, and client relationships on a foundation of creative preconstruction services and the CMAR delivery method.  A wide range of topics is covered, including: 

  • Achieving sustainable growth through balanced execution across the whole organization  
  • Overview of all project delivery methods including their advantages and disadvantages
  • Industry trends in project delivery and construction technology
  • A look at what the biggest contractors in the country are doing
  • Comparing CMAR to other project delivery methods
  • Advanced preconstruction services defined - it IS NOT estimating rebranded!
  • Impact of preconstruction services and the different project delivery methods
  • 3-phase strategy for competing with much larger competitors
  • Conceptual estimating defined
  • Conceptual estimating technology
  • What adds the most value to the project owner and architect during preconstruction
  • Effectively marketing yourself as a CMAR Contractor to Project Owners and Architects
  • Building a winning preconstruction team with the right people in the right roles throughout each stage of the process starting with business development
  • Managing changes during the preconstruction process
  • Setting fee structures for your precon and CMAR services
  • Standard contracts and typical modifications for preconstruction services


Inquire about Private Training tailored specifically for your company. CM at Risk.

The value of training cannot be measured by cost alone.  It must be measured by the impact it has on your team and ultimately, the results produced.  Depending on your situation, private training tailored specifically for your company may have the best return. 

  • Integration of metrics, terminology, pictures, projects, examples, and other specifics for your company and the markets you compete in.  
  • Group exercises designed to help with your biggest priorities.  
  • Integration of other content from across all of our training and development programs used with our retainer clients based on your specific needs. 
  • Delivery times from 1-4 hours, on-site or online.
  • Follow-up sessions designed to ensure progress is being made.
  • Development of a multi-part training program to accelerate development of your team.

Cost varies based on the level of tailoring, location, and scheduling.  Please schedule a conversation to see if private training could be the best option for your company.  


Raymond Braswell frequently integrates this training with Advanced Business Development, Advanced Preconstruction Services, and elements of our General Contractor Solutions for maximum impact in a two-day session.  

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