COVID-19: The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

California is great window into what it will likely look like for other states during the coming weeks.

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About 15% of our clients are located in California, so last week was a great window into what it will likely look like for other states during the coming weeks. As of Sunday, March 22nd, there were collectively about 500 people unable to work on jobsites, though this number was not evenly spread.  

Quote: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. Navy SEAL Motto. End of March COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place counties and states.

Realize this is an evolving situation with very imperfect information flow and a bunch of people doing the best they can. Plan on frequently changing, incomplete, and often conflicting information.  

Prepare yourself and your team for 8-12 weeks that will look just like last week looked for every construction executive and field leader in California. Prepare for many more difficult conversations with your team, your suppliers, and your customers. Be the calm in the storm.  

AGC and United Contractors have done a great job of working with lawmakers on exceptions and clarifications that are critical for construction. Both have resource pages available now, and had great recorded conference calls / webinars late last week that will be helpful for any contractor in any state:

While managing the overwhelming amount of decisions over the next 8-12 weeks, please take the time to start preparing yourself and your team for the likely recession that will follow.  

We are doing our best to share information and help contractors navigate. Ensuring our clients successfully navigate and grow from this is our priority, but we will do everything we can to respond to any inquiries.  

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