Cash Flow and the Project Team

Running out of cash is is the #1 reason contractors fail. Protect yourself and never let cash flow be the limitation to your profitable growth.

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2.5 Hours 9:00 AM PST

Accelerate your cash flow by at least 10% with these 18 specific improvements. This 2.5-hour online session will take you through what project-level cash flow is, dispel common myths, and provide tracking metrics to get your team collaborating about cash.
Learning Objectives

  • How to negotiate for the right terms before and during the project
  • How to build and "sell" a Schedule-of-Values that improves cash flow
  • How to aggressively bill and collect while building customer satisfaction
  • How to close-out projects quickly to get final payment
Who Should Attend

  • Specialty, Civil, and General Contractors
  • Owners and Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Controllers
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Contract Administrators
Cash Flow and the Project Team: 18 Improvements.

Engage Your Whole Team to Accelerate Cash Flow

Great cash flow starts with selecting the right customers and ends when final payment including change orders is safely in your bank account. 

  • The Project Team--and especially the Project Manager--is at the heart of this, but they can't work in a vacuum.  Cash flow is a joint responsibility
  • Bring a cross-section of your company together for this training and schedule time immediately afterward to develop a plan to improve cash flow specific to your company and projects. 

Training Built From Experience

There is no single perfect solution for improving cash flow, and there is an incredible difference between contractors in how effectively they manage cash. We have brought together the most relevant principles, strategies, tactics, and tools based on:

  • Our individual experiences in the field and as contractors
  • Lessons learned working with hundreds of contractors across the United States
  • Experience of the many other experts in the construction industry and beyond

The most important objective of this training is that you pick out the ideas that will impact your team the most at this time and focus on executing them.  Topics covered include:

  • Your Scoreboard:  3 Things Every Contractor Must Do
  • Understanding the financial basis of a typical project
  • The difference between cash flow and profitability
  • 18 specific improvements for the Executive Team, Project Team, and Finance Team
  • The relationship between backlog, cash flow, and capital required
  • Mapping out the cash flow across your company, customer, and your subs/vendors
  • Projecting cash flow
  • Effective collections process and rhythm
  • How banks and sureties look at your cash flow
  • How cash flow drives up business valuation


Inquire about Private Training tailored specifically for your company. Cash Flow.

The value of training cannot be measured by cost alone.  It must be measured by the impact it has on your team and ultimately, the results produced.  Depending on your situation, private training tailored specifically for your company may have the best return. 

  • Integration of metrics, terminology, pictures, projects, examples, and other specifics for your company and the markets you compete in.  
  • Group exercises designed to help with your biggest priorities.  
  • Integration of other content from across all of our training and development programs used with our retainer clients based on your specific needs. 
  • Delivery times from 1-4 hours, on-site or online.
  • Follow-up sessions designed to ensure progress is being made.
  • Development of a multi-part training program to accelerate development of your team.

Cost varies based on the level of tailoring, location, and scheduling.  Please schedule a conversation to see if private training could be the best option for your company.

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