Growth Roadmap for General Contractors

Leveraging CM @ Risk + Advanced Business Development and Preconstruction Services as a Growth Strategy. Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is the preferred delivery method for many of the largest contractors and project owners. Executed effectively, CMAR helps contractors navigate the talent shortage while continuing to grow.

2-Days + Prep Work & Follow-Up (Typical)

Develop a strategic growth plan that leverages CM @ Risk and develops the advanced business development and preconstruction capabilities required to support that plan. 2-day program including current-state evaluation, training, roadmap, and follow-up.
Learning Objectives

  • Current-state evaluation of your strategies, plans, projects, systems, and team focused on business development, preconstruction, and business results over the last few years.
  • How to develop a market strategy incorporating industry trends, economic conditions, and project delivery methods.
  • Develop a structured sales process including tactics and tools.
  • Leverage the Business Developer role to maximize executive time.
  • 3-phase strategy for competing against larger competitors.
  • Differentiate your company through Advanced Preconstruction Services
  • Prepare proposals and interviews that win you the project.
  • How to structure preconstruction proposals and contracts that lead to construction contracts.
  • Give the Project Owner what they really need during preconstruction.
  • Jointly build a roadmap for improvement leveraging existing strategies, plans, people, and systems around business development and preconstruction. 
Who Should Attend

  • General Contractors in the $50-300M range or branch offices of large GCs
  • Owners and Executives
  • Business Developers
  • Preconstruction Managers
  • Estimators (Conceptual & Hard-Bid)
  • Project Managers and Project Executives
  • Anyone Else Who Participates in Project Interviews and Delivering Preconstruction Services

* Large Specialty Contractors who are differentiators for their GC customers when it comes to winning CMAR contracts can use this training and roadmap process as well.


Nothing will have a more dramatic impact on a contractor than bringing in more quality revenue on a recurring basis negotiated with a select group of growing customers.  

This program is tailored to your business with the cost and timing varying some based on your specific needs. Please contact us to schedule time to talk and see if this is the right fit for your team. 


"All relationships begin with a simple conversation." - Raymond Braswell


We are pulling together knowledge and wisdom built over many decades of experience from the perspective of contractors, project owners, and architects.

This wholistic experience has made our team effective in their contracting careers leading the development of billions of dollars of project opportunities and proposals. The results were profitable growth over the long-term, and in all economic conditions.

That depth and breadth of team experience is the greatest value in this program. 


The principles, strategies, tactics, and plans in this program have been used successfully with many of our advisory clients helping them achieve 3-10X plus growth that has been both profitable and sustainable. 



To maximize the impact of the training on the team, we start with rapid evaluation starting with our first conversation:

  1. Your vision and plans for the business including succession if that is within the next 5-7 years.
  2. Projects and other key business results over the prior 3 years.
  3. Interviews with your key team members - senior leadership, business development, preconstruction, and project executive levels if applicable.
  4. Review of the key processes around business development and preconstruction.

This evaluation helps set the context for how we facilitate the training, what we tailor, and how to best facilitate.

The evaluation typically occurs during a couple phone and online meetings ahead of time, some document exchanges, sometimes a team dinner before the first day on-site, and throughout most of the first day on-site. 



This program pulls the most valuable aspects from those lessons-learned into an intense 2-day program designed to introduce the team to the most important strategies and tactics, align everyone around an objective current-state evaluation, refine a longer-term vision, and develop an achievable roadmap for the next 12 months.

The training component is tailored around your company pulling aspects from four of our more specialized training programs together:

  1. CMAR Basics - About the Preferred Delivery Method
  2. CMAR Fee Enhancement & Risk Mitigation
  3. Business Development Strategies and Tactics
  4. Advanced Preconstruction Services

Training is typically scheduled for the second day and incorporates final tailoring based on interviews and system evaluation during the first day. Depending on the size of the team and scheduling, the training may be split between the days.



A pragmatic roadmap over the next 12 months is developed jointly with an appropriate subset of the team. This always includes ownership and top leadership while sometimes including high-trajectory future leaders. The intent is developing an outline and priorities that the team can break down further into specific plans, metrics, and tasks. 

The more specific planning and progress are reviewed together in follow-up meeting via phone or online 30-60 days after roadmap completion. At this time, any challenges and opportunities can be further discussed.

This is very similar to the preconstruction phase of a CMAR project - just applied at the business management level.


CM at Risk: Project Delivery Comparison - Design-Bid-Build vs CMAR.



Please contact us to learn more about the specifics and how this would apply to your business. What is described above is a typical outline, but every contractor's situation is different including where they are at in their business growth cycle, where the market is at, where their team is at, and what they want in the future.


Business Growth Cycles. All Business Experience It.


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