The Talent Challenge In the Construction Industry

Six strategies to help, acquire, retain, and develop construction professionals.

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2.5 Hours 9:00 AM PST

The construction industry is facing talent challenges far different than any that it has faced in the past. The shortage of critical leadership talent will grow 4X worse by 2030. Contractors that adapt now will build an unbeatable competitive advantage.
Learning Objectives

  • What the labor market for construction looks like by the numbers and how much that will change by 2030.
  • How the changing talent market will impact the construction market, including changing the competitive landscape.  
  • How to apply 6 critical talent strategies to ensure talent is never the constraint to your profitable growth.
Who Should Attend

  • All Contractors
  • Owners and Executives
  • All Hiring Managers
  • Superintendents / Field Ops
  • HR / Talent Management
  • Recruiters
  • Marketing
The Talent Challenge: Six Strategies to help, acquire, retail, and develop.

Where additional labor was once the cure-all to productivity and bandwidth issues, labor (by form of sheer quantity) is no longer able to effectively solve the problems that face modern contractors.

As contractors are forced to change the way they plan and deliver projects, teams are being forced to adapt to new, lesser developed skill sets. All of this is occurring during a massive shift in both workforce demographics and culture. The construction industry is facing change and challenges from multiple fronts and they all link back to talent.

  • An overview of the talent shortage and where critical gaps will form within levels of an organization.
  • Learn about the value of positioning your company to become a talent magnet.
  • Discuss how to build a culture and processes that effectively integrate a diverse team.
  • Review strategies to help your organization develop and cultivate leaders regardless of age.
  • Gain insight into how executive teams are confronting the challenges associated with talent, technology, and project delivery
  • Discuss how to keep experienced team members later into their career and capture institutional knowledge.
  • Discover how to streamline your workflows to minimize wasted effort.
  • Gain insight on how talent, integrated technology, and feedback systems support the development of a sustainable organization.


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  • Integration of metrics, terminology, pictures, projects, examples, and other specifics for your company and the markets you compete in.  
  • Group exercises designed to help with your biggest priorities.  
  • Integration of other content from across all our training and development programs used with our retainer clients based on your specific needs. 
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  • Follow-up sessions designed to ensure progress is being made.
  • Development of a multi-part training program to accelerate development of your team.

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