Bechtel and Business Development

Nothing will have a bigger impact on a contractor’s business than bringing in more quality revenue on a recurring basis.

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Knowing that there is a stable stream of quality projects coming in the door allows leadership to make the long-term investments necessary for true operational excellence.  

Leadership Tools: Quote on Business Development by Riley P. Bechtel, Chairman of Bechtel Corp.

It is easy to rationalize away the quotes from Bechtel as something only a large international contractor could do.  The book by Sally Denton definitely has a negative slant to it. Ignore all that and focus on what matters.     

What would it look like if your team focused on business development in this way?  

What if your team was focused on putting projects together rather than saying there are no projects?

What if your team had a network of relationships so you knew about projects long before anyone else?

What if you had these capabilities going into the last downturn? 

What if you build these capabilities while the market is hot then dominate during the next downturn?

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