A Prepared Mind, Body, and Home Creates a Strong Foundation

Career and business growth will always be stronger with a stable foundation.

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It will be impossible for people to fully focus on critical business issues if they aren’t solid in mind, body, and home. 

Leadership Tools for COVID-19: Prepare your business starting with the basics. Prepared mind, body, and home.

As individuals, we have to own full responsibility for all three of these areas of preparedness. This is what makes us ultimately “wealthy.” 

As leaders, we have the responsibility to help those that have placed their trust in us. If we truly want full engagement at work, we must start with the foundation of a team that is strong in mind, body, and home.  

Remember that the best individual defense against the current situation and similar ones is being prepared:

Your Mind. Educate yourself on the many lessons of history. Develop an exciting personal and professional vision. Practice disciplining your thinking and your emotions, systematically working through the differences. Practice gratitude every day, as we all have so much to be thankful for. Practice creativity, planning, and disciplined execution each day. Practice self-reflection each evening. 

Your Body. This is the only one you have. There is no wealth without health. Exercise and nutrition are some of the best defenses against viruses, stress, and injury.  

Your Home. Build some basic inventory of essential items. Work to keep expenses under your income level. Develop strong relationships every day. Do lots of favors for others

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