Evaluating Levels of Importance and Desire

Your feelings about what is "Really Important" or "Urgent" are often lying to you, or at the very least, stretching the truth.

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If anyone says anything like "This is really important" or "I really want this" but aren't willing to meet on Saturday (or Sunday or today at 6PM or tomorrow at 6AM) to move it forward, then it probably isn't really that important as compared to other things.  

...and that is really valuable information to know.  

Leadership Tools: Evaluating Levels of Importance and Desire.

It's even more valuable to know yourself:

Your feelings about what is "Really Important" or "Urgent" are often lying to you, or at the very least, stretching the truth.

Your calendar shows how you actually spent your time over the past three month. This is where you'll frequently find the truth, even though you may not like what you see.  

Looking back at what you have really accomplished matters - it's your SAY/DO ratio. Anything over 1.0 means you are talking more than you are doing.  

Do you have the "5th Knot" level of desire? Most of us probably fall well short of that bar, but it is important to keep that in mind when evaluating the true desire and importance of accomplishing something.  



"We have a strategic plan -- it's called doing things."

Herb Kelleher - Co-Founder & Retired CEO of Southwest Airlines

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