Integrated Systems - Defined

Construction contracting is highly competitive. Winning requires people and technology aligned with effective workflows to deliver maximum value for customers with minimum waste while allowing the business to scale sustainably.

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Construction Technology Integrated Systems Defined: T3, Talent, Tasks, and Tech.


Some project owners demand competition for the lowest qualified price. Others have a complex scoring system where they evaluate multiple criteria for an entire project team. Even if you are the sole source contractor for a major project owner, there are still competitors out there trying to win that customer over for the next project.


The management systems required to win consistently is the fifth of the five interlinked questions about strategy that every leader must answer. The answer to this question changes with both headcount growth and changes in construction technology

Technology can streamline and reinforce workflows. Technology can even allow major changes to workflows, such as eliminating entire ranges of tasks or even whole processes. Technology, workflows, and talent including management must be aligned or results will fail to appear.

Remember the lean principle of people first - then process and tools including technology. 


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