Effectively Marketing Preconstruction Services for Subcontractors

Subcontractors can build an unbeatable competitive advantage by being engaged early in the preconstruction phase.

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Few things will improve a subcontractor's business than having recurring negotiated work with a select group of growing customers.  This ultimately requires a combination of design, estimating and operational excellence.  Build the capability first then market it aggressively to architects, project owners and general contractors.  

Remember that preconstruction services alone won't win the project.  It is just as important to be operationally excellent at delivering the project on schedule at a competitive price.  


If you are really in the game you’ve got to understand what’s happening in governments and markets and see a deal before they put it out to bid. If the first time I hear about a big project is when the proposal is on the street then I don’t have a good win plan.

Riley P. Bechtel; Chairman of Bechtel Corp


Learn more about building Advanced Preconstruction Services and Business Development capabilities along with other General Contractor Solutions for profitable growth in all economic conditions.   

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