Building the Project Management Team

Managing and Developing a Project Management Team for Sustainable Growth

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90 Minutes, 2X Monthly (Typical)

Improve all aspects of your Project Management team with this 10-step leadership coaching program designed for those responsible for multiple PMs.
Learning Objectives

  • Current-state evaluation of your project management processes based on your stage of growth, trajectory, and future plans. This forms the roadmap and sets priorities. 
  • Improve accuracy of your budgets, schedules, and projections.
  • How to identify changes earlier and get paid faster.
  • How to improve field productivity
  • Situational coaching around "Hot Items" that are part of every project and team.
  • Creating role clarity through a responsibility matrix.
  • Evaluating team members against those responsibilities and building a development plan.
  • How to organize the team to best leverage current capabilities while building for the future.
  • Recruiting, selecting, and integrating new team members to support growth. 
Who Should Attend

Anyone who is responsible for managing multiple Project Managers including:

  • Owners / Presidents of smaller contractors who directly manage PMs
  • Operations Managers
  • Project Executives
  • Senior Project Managers



Everything starts with an introductory conversation to learn more about your company, your team, and your vision to see if this program would be a good fit. Contact us to schedule time to talk. 

All relationships begin with a simple conversation.


Our focus is creating maximum positive impact with your team starting as quickly as possible. We know that your time is limited given the talent shortage which will continue to worsen through 2030. With that in mind, we are constantly reprioritizing to balance short-term returns with those items that require longer-term investment. 

Operating Rhythm: We schedule the coaching 2x monthly in meetings that are typically 90 minutes in length. 

Evaluation: Our starting point is a current-state evaluation looking at everything the Project Management team is involved in. When PMs are first involved varies widely between contractors and at different stages of growth. This is an ongoing dialog to understand the process, how consistently it is being executed, and how well it aligns with your current stage of growth and future plans. Outcomes include:

  1. Understanding of the different ways to approach each process including tools used, workflows, and job roles responsible for completion.
  2. Major gaps that will become priorities for longer-term development.
  3. Rapid improvements that add immediate value.




Hot Items: The nature of leading people and project teams is that there are constant challenges to work through and opportunities to take advantage of, while figuring out how to best allocate finite resources. Every meeting will spend some time on these items that are both important and urgent

Project Management Foundations: There are a myriad of things PMs are responsible for. The three main areas that typically add the most value for improving are:

  • Improving the accuracy of budgets, schedules, and projections. All the processes required to develop consistently accurate schedules and cost projections has a significant positive impact on all aspects of the contractor scoreboard including cash flow and customer satisfaction.  
  • Change management starting with identification and management through to getting paid. 
  • Field productivity - whether you are a labor-intensive contractor or the CM/GC, field productivity for you and your subcontractors has a dramatic impact on your outcomes. 

Team Training: While working through these, we may incorporate some training for your whole team in place of, or in addition to some of the working sessions. The prioritization and tailoring of this training will be jointly decided during the coaching sessions. 



Team Evaluation & Development: Concurrently with working through these foundations, we will be working on the talent management aspects with you including:

  • Responsibility matrix tailored to your people, projects, processes, and tools. 
  • Evaluating and developing each team member for growth.
  • Specializing and clarifying the roles to best leverage their current experience and capabilities.

Technology Streamlining: There is a proliferation of technology companies all presenting seemingly great solutions for the construction industry. Keep in mind the fact that construction productivity has barely moved despite all this technology. There are multiple reasons for this but know that technology is not a silver-bullet. We have deep experience in all aspects of technology selection, integration, implementation, adoption, and ongoing management. 99% of the technology problems we see have nothing to do with technology. We will work with you to use technology that aligns with your people, processes, and future plans. 



Adding New Talent: As needed, and in alignment with your growth plans, we will work on how to recruit, select, and integrate new people into the project management team. This process continually improves over time as roles and processes become clearer and more consistent. Think about this as Talent Value Stream (TVS) for the Project Team. 



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