Coachability and Capability Matrix

Sustainable growth over time in your career and as a company has to do with being both coachable and capable.

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Optimum growth comes when we are stretching ourselves and others just beyond our current capabilities and then developing the needed capabilities.  

Leadership Tools: Coachability and Capability Matrix.

Great coaches give specific and actionable feedback frequently while also providing a broader vision and context

“A coach is someone who can give correction without resentment.” - John Wooden

Being coachable starts with understanding that most of the world’s knowledge resides with others. The best-of-the-best in business, sports, and military are constantly seeking coaching to give them that extra edge, even an edge they didn’t know they needed.  

Our highest levels of success come from both leveraging our strengths and mitigating our weaknesses

“The only difference between feedback and criticism is how you hear it.” - Tim Grover

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