Change Tracking Log & Management

Great change management starts with a good tracking system.

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This graphic simply shows an example of a log and status codes and is not intended to be prescriptive. 

Change Management: Change Log, Software and Management.

The far more important part of change management is the rigorous review process at least 2X monthly with your PMs that will limit your risk, increase your opportunities, and build your team through training.

Don’t underestimate how much value a great manager can add to the company through this review process.  

  • Be systematic in your review. Don’t skip or assume anything.
  • Could this change have been identified sooner? How? 
  • If it was a T&M, could it have been negotiated as Lump Sum? 
  • Verify good document control for changes, initiating documents, and correspondence.
  • Verify deep understanding of the project, scope, contract, and current status.
  • Verify relationships at all levels with the customer are great.
  • Watch aging days for processing. How could we improve?
  • Watch margins and verify budgets, looking for improvements.
  • Watch costs at risk for unexecuted changes. 

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