Understand Buying Motivations

Getting involved early in the project as it is being developed is one of the best things a contractor can do for profitable growth.

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Cm at Risk: Understand Buying Motivations. Invoice representing budget for building construction and balance to complete.

“If you are really in the game, you’ve got to understand what’s happening in governments and markets and see a deal before they put it out to bid. If the first time I hear about a big project is when the proposal is on the street, then I don’t have a good win plan.” - Riley P. Bechtel, Chairman of Bechtel Corp 

For a contractor to get involved early at the programming and schematic phases, they need to add value to the process.    

That value starts with understanding the entire budget for developing a project.  

  1. Have great conceptual estimating skills that help all parties see a more complete 5D Model of the project early. 

  2. Have strong operational and value-engineering skills to keep the cost of construction down while still providing value.  

  3. Bonus - having connections that help with other aspects of the development budget.

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