Retirement Onboarding - Introduction

Retirement Onboarding is something that construction business owners must regularly be working on for themselves and other key team members.

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Helping contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation is the core of what we do when we are advising contractors, and retirement onboarding is an important piece of the whole. 

It is only by fully integrating market strategy, organizational structure, talent, and consistent execution that a business owner can truly have success in their business succession plan. It is only by fully integrating both personal and business needs that their overall retirement will be successful.

This is Part 1 of a 15-Part Series

Topics Covered in the Series Include:

  • Retirement Issues Specific to Contractors
  • Post-Retirement Business Involvement 
  • The Ideal Lifestyle for the Retiring Contractor
  • Integrating Other People and Processes
  • When is it Too Late to Start My Retirement

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