Effective Job Descriptions for Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Talent

Effective job descriptions are the foundation of defining performance requirements.

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Every contractor requires this foundation to recruit, develop, and retain talent.

Job Role Basics: Job Role Integration. Ultimately you are trading a certain amount of input (Compensation) for a specific set of outputs (Key Results).

They need to be wrapped around performance-based Key Results and fully integrated with your strategy, systems, organizational structure, and compensation.   

The Lead Measures & Critical Tasks that drive these Key Results must be clearly identified in the job description and the cross-functional workflows.  

There will be specific Behaviors such as Discipline, Integrity or Safety that will create the foundation of success in this role.  

Effective job descriptions are the prerequisite to many of the 9 Critical Talent Processes including:  

  • Development of an effective interview guide and pre-hire testing to ensure the right fit.
  • Performance assessments and training in alignment with a career development plan.   

How effective are your job descriptions in defining performance requirements? Are they aligned with your workflows? Are you attracting the right candidate pool and screening for the best fit?

Special Note: Recruitment marketing for the role will not contain all these details. These details are required for effective integration of the role into your culture, systems, and structure. These details will allow your recruitment marketers and recruiters to determine the most likely places to farm and hunt as well as how to generate interest with those groups. 

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