Changes - Early Identification is Always Better

Early identification of changes and conflicts is the first key to success.

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The capability to identify changes and conflicts early in the process is a combination of organizational structure, systems, management, training, and coaching. 

Change Management: Early Identification of Changes and Profitability. Earlier is Always Better. Profit margin, cash flow, schedule, and customer satisfaction tend to all decline the later changes are identified in the phase of construction (before, during, after/near completion). Example of an electrical power plan not matching kitchen equipment drawings.


Keep in mind the problem-resolution cost pyramid for identification of changes as an example. 


In general, the earlier you can identify changes and conflicts, the higher the customer satisfaction, profit margin, and cash flow with a faster schedule.  

Which Project Manager in your company is best at early identification? Which Estimator? Field Supervisor?

What can you do to close the gaps between them and others on your team?

Change and conflict identification are trainable skills.

Scalability is not about what one person can do on your team but what the collective average performance capabilities are. 

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