Advanced Preconstruction Services for Profitable Growth

Preconstruction IS NOT Estimating Re-Branded

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Leverage 360 degrees of perspective to improve your Preconstruction Services:

  • Architect
  • General Contractor
  • Developer
  • Owner’s Representative
Advanced Preconstruction Services for Profitable Growth.

We’ve created a structured program for General Contractors at any stage of development guaranteed to improve preconstruction service offerings, including how to sell those services as a differentiating factor. Our program is broken down into seven distinct phases and tailored specifically for your company:

  1. Assessment, Rapid Improvements and Improvement Roadmap
  2. Developing the Preconstruction Workflow – From Napkin to Nails
  3. Building the Right Preconstruction Team
  4. Effectively Communicating with the Architect and Owner
  5. Conceptual Estimating Strategies, Tactics and Tools
  6. Presenting the Value of Your Preconstruction Services
  7. Contracting Methods for Preconstruction Services


Program Overview

1.  Current Process Assessment ›› Rapid Refinements ›› Roadmap

  • Structured Team Interviews
  • Current Markets / Market Strategy
  • Key Relationships – Architects / Engineers / Project Owners
  • Design Assist Capabilities and Communication Tools
  • Estimating Tools and Systems
  • Proposal Content and Format

RAPID REFINEMENTS will be made to your processes during the assessment stage while the improvement roadmap and timeline are being developed.

2.  The Preconstruction Workflow – From Napkin to Nails

  • Defining the People and Roles Involved in Bringing a Project to Life
  • Building Company Specific Workflows for Different Project Types and Industries
  • Understanding the Responsible Roles and Outcomes for Each Step of the Process
  • Typical Timelines and Critical Milestones
  • Presentation and Interview Team and Style

3.  Building the Best Preconstruction Team

  • Key Roles and Responsibilities
  • Effective Integration With Business Development, Estimating and Operations
  • Measurable Outcome Based Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting the Right Talent If Necessary

4.  Managing Effective Communication with the Architect and Owner

  • Understanding Design Intent and Adding Value to the Process
  • Establishing Money as the Common Language
  • Quantification, Specification and Presentation of Assumptions in the Conceptual Estimate
  • Develop Agenda Templates for Key Meetings

5.  Estimating – Conceptual through 100% Drawings

  • Methodology of Preparing a Conceptual Estimate
  • Building and Maintaining a Cost Database
  • Role of the Subcontractor in Preconstruction
  • Presenting Estimates to Architects and Owners
  • Documenting and Presenting Changes During Design Development

6.  Presenting the Value of Your Preconstruction Services

  • Business Development and Preconstruction Working Together
  • Presenting Value of Preconstruction Services In Proposals and During Interviews
  • Developing Marketing Collateral and Standard Boilerplate Information for Proposals
  • Presenting the Project Timeline With Milestones – Not Too Many; Not Too Few
  • Presenting Key Technical and Financial Aspects of the Project, including Value Engineering

7.  Contracting Methods for Preconstruction Services

  • Different Contracting Methods – Pros and Cons
  • When and How Much to Charge for Preconstruction Services

Consultant: Raymond Braswell.

Working with D. Brown Management is like having a team of very well-rounded executives working closely with you to solve a variety of business problems on an as-needed basis.

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